“My art is essentially a form of narrative that panders firstly to my passion to understand my fellow women (as well as myself), and secondly to humans’ fundamental, naïve and age-old delight in storytelling.

In some incidents my paintings are autobiographical whilst in others they are based on observations of ordinary women’s lives, be they “real” or “fictional” characters. In my art I attempt, through storytelling, to entertain and challenge the viewer, drawing them into my work by playing on their natural curiosity and desire to know about the characters, to where events happen and who set events in motion.

              I hope those who see my pictures approach them with an open mind and a willingness to understand. I see the art of viewing a creative one. Without some effort I believe the viewer cannot receive “illumination of life”. I hope my pictures lead to discussions of conduct, of motives of conflict, of the laying bear of souls.

Fundamental to my art is an “obsession” to create through character and story an “Image of Life”. I see my images as precision instruments for recording what I have discovered about life in the course of living it, but I find that my pictures grow independently of me, somehow.”


Adding to individual and collective exhibitions, Susana Bravo has participated in multiple projects, such as a commission for Hotel Corinthia in Lisbon, and a residency in Caldas da Rainha.






Honourable Mention, Carmen Miranda Prize

Marco de Canavezes, 2015

Individual Exhibitions

“Stories, Memories, lies, true narratives”

Centro de Memória, Vila do Conde, 2016

“From yesterday, jumping, swimming, flying… to now, an ocean”

ACBEU Gallery, Salvador da Bahia, Brazil, 2015

“2 Stories”

MAG Marcelino Art Gallery, Porto, 2014

“Studies about dancing in watercolour”

Project Gallery, Vila Nova de Cerveira, 2013

“Voyage to the Ecuator Line”

Vertice Gallery, Estoril, 2012

“The ballerina, the flight and colour at tea time”

St. António Gallery, Porto, 2012

“Afro-Brazilian Words”

Teixeira Leal Museum, Salvador da Bahia, Brazil, 2010

Cooperativa Árvore, Porto

Collective Exhibitions / Last year


Albergaria a Velha, 2019

“Sophia, a Poetic Art”

Cooperativa Árvore, Porto, 2019


Metarmorfose Gallery, Porto, 2019

“Looks, change of ways”

Cooperativa Árvore, Porto, 2019

Invited Artist, Museum House Teixeira Lopes

Vila Nova de Gaia, 2019


Auditório Municipal de Gondomar, Sala Júlio Resende, 2019


Galeria Piso 2, Felgueiras, 2019


Galeria DaVinci, Matosinhos, 2019