“There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign.” Robert Louis Stevenson.

              Stevenson was born in Scotland in the century XIV, he was endowed with a literary gift. Sadly, like so many in his time , he died too soon, too young, with many adventures to live. Stevenson due to his weak health, travelled often and he describes his travels: trips to distant places, trips of self discovery, real  and make belief voyages, as well as magical ones.

“Inbetween” depicts one of these travels. A journey to the end of the Universe or just around the corner. “Inbetween” can be any journey, without a specific destination, but one of knowledge, learning and freedom . Yes, “Inbetween” can be any journey, made by anybody , one that represents us all. “Inbetween” can be an indefinite journey, one that we must all follow to stop, for an instant, and think, observe, breathe. There: right in the middle of nowhere, between leaving and arriving.

Mixed Media on Canvas / Técnica Mista sobre Tela
59 x 199 cm
Photography / Fotografia: Hugo de Almeida
Sold / Vendido