Popular expression aims to describe women that are fearless, bold and proactive as lionesses. The nature of a lioness has made her a symbol of maternity, perseverance and of courage. The lioness fights, hunts and ultimately always wins her prize. She loves and protects, she crosses the savannah with a portly stride, she is secure and majestic, she is alive.
In life all paths are choices, all alternatives are risks. Most times we ponder which route to take. The safest one? The one that offers the unknown? Do we dare?
This painting “The Lioness’ crossing” unveils the sagacious woman, astute and courageous; the woman that does not follow the most trodden path, who doesn’t settle for the norm and who doesn’t fear the unknown. In the end, the lioness asks us, what is life worth if not for the mysterious experience of the unexperienced, told in a thousand adventures?

"The Lioness' Crossing" / "A Travessia da Leoa"
Oil on Canvas / Óleo sobre Tela
200 x 100 cm
Photography / Fotografia: Hugo de Almeida
Sold / Vendido